Color Grading Masterclass

Still trying to Master the Art of Color Grading with Davinci Resolve?
I got you covered 💪

Because, after this class, everything will change. 
How do I know that? Easy – I’ve been there 👉like you.

Like you, I spent hours behind Premiere, After Effects (FCPX, Avid.. name it) trying to smash a Random LUT into some random footage and pretend to Achieve the CINEMATIC LOOK.. well, that’s actually NOT how it works.

Having a path, a method.. that’s how you get the secret weapon.

The magic wand exist, it’s called capability, skills. That’s it 🧠

This is my complete Color Grading Masterclass, the place were you’ll learn the ‘HOW’ on translating your images into perfection.

💆🏻‍♂️pleasing enough?

But most importantly: you’ll learn a full working method that will craft you into a professionist in the Color Grading world (inside and outside the program).

Let’s have a look at what we will cover this Masterclass:

  • Introduction
  • Files Location
  • Importing Project
  • Setting up the Enviorement

Module 01 : Davinci Resolve Workflow

In this module, you’ll be able to understand the basic must know meaning of working with Davinci, such as setting up, exporting and importing projects. We will go through knowing the program and setting up the best/fastest setting for a great workflow.

  • General overview
  • Setting up a Database
  • Database ‘working’ MUST
  • The Settings Menu
  • Settings up a Project
  • Importing footage correctly
  • Creating & organizing folders
  • Proxy Creation
  • Proxy Workflow
  • Boosting up Davinci Resolve Performance

Module 02: The Editing Room

Then we will start knowing at its best the editing room and everything you need to know for creating timelines, editing faster with all the must know shortcuts, adding effects and importing/exporting timelines for a professional cross workflow.

  • Create a timeline
  • Timeline Settings
  • Importing/Exporting/conforming Timelines
  • MUST KNOW Shortcuts
  • The Effects Panel
  • Time Remapping & Keyframes
  • Setting up a timeline in order to edit fast

Module 03: Color Correction

In this module we will craft the big knowledge behind color grading, this is the ‘everything you need to know’ before grading module essentially!

  • The Color Page
  • What we mean with ‘Color Correction’
  • Differences from Color Grading
  • Understanding White Balance
  • Reading and understanding Scopes
  • Where Skintones sits
  • Setting the right clip exposure
  • Color Correcting with Primaries Wheels
  • Match clip from different cameras
  • Using the split screen to match clips
  • Creating/Exporting/Applying Stills
  • Creating/Exporting/Applying a node tree
  • Local and remote grades
  • The LUT folder
  • Applying and exporting LUTS
  • Conversion LUTS
  • Making it POP OUT from the frame
  • Finalyzing the CC Process
  • Image analysis before Color Grading

Module 04: Colorist’s Secret Tools

Everything that seats on Colorists Panel EXPLAINED to let you have complete knowledge on what are the tools that we will be using to grade our shots!

  • Primary Correction
  • Secondary Correction
  • Repositioning, Key-Framing, Tracking
  • HSL Qualification 101
  • Complete guide to Nodes

Module 05: Color Grading

The hot pie of this Masterclass, all the secrets and methods to create and recreate every grade you want with your footage🥧

  • The mindset before Color Grading
  • Create your LookBook
  • Working with Stills
  • CG with Primary Wheels VS LOG Wheels
  • Memory Colors: Perfect Gradings Method for Skyes
  • Memory Colors: Perfect Gradings Method for Greens
  • Memory Colors: Perfect Gradings Method for Skintones
  • Deep control of Contrast
  • Animating Grades
  • Artificial Lights
  • Digital Retouching with Davinci Resolve
  • Secondary Grade
  • Skintones Cleanup
  • Shot Matching

Module 06: Creating The LOOKS

Being able to take your story and translate feelings into colors is not easy: we will push our footage into the greatest and most requested look from our clients.

  • The mindset before creating a Look
  • Creating the ‘Hollywood Clean Grade’
  • Creating the ‘Orange & Teal Grade’
  • Creating the ‘Sci-fi Grade’
  • Creating the ‘Netflix Vintage Grade’
  • Creating the ‘Noir Grade’
  • Creating the ‘Bleach Bypass Grade’
  • Creating the ‘Day 4 Night Grade’

Module 07: Clips finalization & Best Export Settings

‘My export looks totally different from the grade I see in Davinci’ 👉🏻 If I had a $ for every time I heard this I would be rich🤣 we will finalize everything that seats on our timeline to make it look clean and without any unwanted grain. Then we will move to uncompressed export with the right settings for the needs and the best settings for social media platform.

  • Clips cleanup
  • Right camera setting on the project
  • Being Brodcast Safe
  • Best export settings for WEB
  • Loseless Export for hi-end results
  • Previewing Exports

This Masterclass will cover your needs to master Color Grading

Common Questions & Answers:

Q: What I get with my purchase?

A: You will receive a link to a GDrive Master Folder containing 8 Different Folders with 70 Training Videos + 3 .zip Files with Databases & video files for the training (almost 30GB) for a total amount of almost 80GB of material (downloadable or streamable any time you want)

Q: What is the main Language of the Masterclass? 

A: The Masterclass is 100% in English

Q: Is the Masterclass Downloadable multiple times?

A: Once you get the link, you can access to the Masterclass any time and download your files when you want as many times you want

Q: Do I need Davinci Resolve PRO version?

A: Davinci Resolve Pro Version is needed to open the Projects included with the Masterclass, but now worries, you can still work with the Material included/creating your own timelines even with the free version.

For any custom question, write me here:

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