ADCOM has created its first LUT professional series developed in partnership with the reknowned DoP Filippo Chiesa.

The ADCOM LUTs have been created in our new photo studio, under controlled and repeatable light setup, with high CRI and TLCI standards.

Using all our cameras listed on the top in order to match accurately Arri’s Rec709 + two special cine style bonus LUTs for each camera involved. We used the same settings for each digital cinema camera: native ISO, Log profile, same lighting, same lens, color checker, Kodak 18% gray card. We also used a model in order to better evaluate the skin tone.

We created our LUTs using Da Vinci Resolve Studio combined with Eizo Prominence CG3145 (grade 1). ADCOM LUTs enable you to create an excellent colour correspondence with Arri’s cameras (made by Arri) but also with all the other cameras listed. We have invested a lot of time and resources to create this first LUT series.

Therefore, without a formal authorization by ADCOM SRL, it is prohibited to sell, distribute, give to third parties, even if free of charge, the ADCOM LUTs. Buying our brand new ADCOM LUTs through our website you allow us to develop our project and to extend the range of services we’ve designed for you.

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